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Drinking and Driving Do Not Go Together

Now that summertime is in full effect, lots of people are going out more, partying more and even drinking more. It’s like every event you go to, even one that is held during the daytime, has not just plenty of food, but plenty of alcohol as well. I can’t tell you the number of day parties I’ve been invited to since summer began and every last one of them had plenty of liquor available. That’s great except for the fact that many of the attendees drive to these events which means that they will more than likely drive from them as well. That wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the attendees will probably have consumed a good amount of alcohol while there.

Drinking and then driving is, unfortunately, something that a lot of people do but of course, we shouldn’t. That is because no one ever thinks that they are too drunk to drive, and some people don’t even think they are drunk at all. However, the thing about alcohol is that, whether you agree or not, it does in fact slow down your reaction time. This is a critical factor when driving since driving is something that should be taken seriously and done responsibly. Operating a motor vehicle improperly or negligently can have detrimental consequences not only for you but for other parties involved as well.

This is why judges are very harsh when sentencing people charged with a DUI because drunk drivers have often caused serious injury to other drivers and sometimes even death. Getting charged with a DUI, driving under the influence, is a very serious charge that can result in your license being suspended or revoked, and possibly jail time. Being a repeat offender will result in harsher sentencing and stricter restrictions when it comes to driving. If you are in Missouri and have been charged with driving under the influence, search for any dui attorney wentzville mo to find an experienced attorney in your area.

While there are some people who may find DUI laws and sentencing guidelines to be unfair, as someone who has lost a loved one to a drunk driver, I don’t think the laws are harsh enough. For someone who is a first-time offender or a teenager, I’m all for leniency, however, I feel those repeat offenders should be punished harshly. Nowadays with so much access to driving services, there is no reason for anyone to drink and then drive. If you know you are going to be indulging in alcohol at an event, the responsible thing to do is either secure a designated driver or have a driving service pick you up.

Unfortunately, I don’t think most people realize just how serious this is until it hits close to home. Even if you haven’t had loads of drinks, if you are over the legal limit then you are too intoxicated to drive. Again, that is because alcohol will impair your reaction time as well as your judgment. And when operating a motor vehicle, it is important that you are fully alert not just for your own safety, but also the safety of other drivers.