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Trademarks and Slogans for Businesses

Businesses have their own way of identifying themselves in a competitive world. One way is the use of unique trademark. It is a symbol that represents company’s image and a stamp that identifies its product or service. Typically, it is what the business plans to deliver all the time – quality. On the other hand, trademark is also the signature that makes the business stand out in the market.

Many businesses use their logo as their trademark. This practice is allowed and is widely used among big and small companies alike. However, trademark in traditional form is a separate symbol consisting of letters, words, images or combination of one or more of these. For instance, the famous Ford company uses its name for both its logo and trademark. In general, a trademark is the image or brand the company is trying to build within the industry, a mark of quality and excellence it is thriving to achieve. But there is also a legal side to this term. Trademark in legal sense is a protection from unauthorized use of company’s product or services. In other words, if a company is using another business’s trademark, the unauthorized use becomes a criminal offense. Likewise, if the business does not use its trademark on its product or service, it may lose revenue, customers or other benefits of brand identity.

A trademark needs to be filed with the relevant authority in order for it to come into existence. An important point to remember here is to know the difference between a trademark and trade name. A trade name identifies the business whereas trademark identifies its product. Then there is service mark to identify or promote a service. Collective mark is another form of mark used by organizations, and certification mark is used on product to certify that it has met certain quality and requirements. The rules that govern trademarks can be learned from a trademark attorney minneapolis mn or Patent & Trademark office of the US Department of Commerce.

Slogan is another way to identify a business. Its flexibility, affordability and effectiveness make it desirable among big and small businesses. The best slogans are the meaningful and mini-versions of famous quotes. In today’s world, slogans have become a mandatory thing for businesses to identify themselves. And they prefer to keep it for many reasons. First, a catchy slogan resonates what the business does at several levels. Second, it uplifts the quality of product or service and what the business stands for. Last but not least, a memorable slogan is a way for businesses to entice customers and grow business at the same time. Slogan can be anything from one word to a maximum of 8 words which is ideal. There are no laws on what the slogan should say or infer. However, using another business’s slogan is still prohibited in many states. There are plenty of professionals who can assist you in creating a slogan. One way to get guidance about slogan is to look at similar businesses and make it unique.